Commercial Service

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MidtownWash & Dry Cleaning offers pick up and delivery service for commercial accounts. We will spot treat, wash and fold according to your specifications. Additionally, we can handle all your dry cleaning needs.

For those requiring hot water, we ensure temperatures exceeding the 140 degree standard as recommended by OSHA.

Please contact us so we may discuss how we can customize service to suit your business’s needs.

For those businesses not large enough for the corporate laundry services, Midtown Wash & Dry Cleaning can be the economical answer for your laundry and dry cleaning requirements.

Special Attention: Medical offices, dental offices, PT s, massage therapists, spas, salons – please pay heed to OSHA regulations as detailed here:


16. Paragraph (d) (3) (IV) It is the employer’s responsibility not only to provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), but to maintain, and/or dispose of it. Home laundering is not permitted since the employer cannot guarantee that proper handling or laundering procedures are being followed.[…]

Home laundering by employees is not permitted since the standard requires the laundering be performed at no cost to the employee. Home laundering is unacceptable because the employer cannot ensure that proper handling or laundering procedures are being followed and because contamination could migrate to the homes of employees.